Developed Startup Incubators in Indonesia, Which The Best

Developed Startup Incubators in Indonesia, Which The Best?

Building startup incubators in Indonesia has become a growing trend, attracting a wide range of individuals and well-known companies in the country. An incubator program is designed to aid the development of emerging businesses, offering training, mentoring, and even funding opportunities.

Using such an incubator also provides the chance to learn marketing strategies and other essential knowledge necessary for supporting business growth.

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In essence, these incubators work through collaborations, allowing startups to tailor their development in line with the incubator’s vision.

Startup Incubators in Indonesia

Developed Startup Incubators in Indonesia, Which The Best

1. Indigo Incubator

Indigo Incubator, originating from Telkom, began in 2013. This incubator program holds two batches annually, each spanning a duration of six months.

Selected startups receive initial funding and mentoring. Those chosen also have the opportunity to participate in incubation programs at Jogja Digital Valley or Bandung Digital Valley.

Each year, this incubator focuses on a specific theme, seeking startups in particular categories. Numerous successful startups have emerged from this incubator.

2. Kolaborasi

Kolaborasi, a Bandung-based incubation program, has been operational since 2013. It caters to both online and offline business activities.

Local startups like Mata Ilmu, BroCode, Collective Fund, and Crowde have participated in Kolaborasi. This has contributed to its rapid growth over time.

3. Skystar Ventures

Skystar Ventures is a collaboration between Kompas Gramedia Group and Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Established in late 2013, this incubator focuses on startups directly linked to digital media, covering content distribution, e-commerce, and social media.

Incubation, spanning four months, includes funding, training, networking opportunities, and coworking facilities at the New Media Tower in Tangerang.

Startups like Gading Serpong Sport,, and Inigame have benefited from this incubator.

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4. IDX Incubator

This Indonesian startup incubator is an initiative by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Launched in early 2017, it offers mentoring, access to investors, and companies listed on the stock exchange.

Providing facilities such as workstations, meeting rooms, internet access, and training spaces, IDX Incubator aims to foster innovation and growth within startups.”

5. Ciputra Gepi Incubator

Ciputra Gepi Incubator serves as a training ground that aids the development of startups in their early stages. Uniquely, this incubator offers coworking spaces, community events, and benefits like mentoring and access to initial funding.

Open to startups in various stages, from ideation to seed, this incubator aims to support a wide range of industries, without limiting assistance to technology startups.

The presence of this incubator enables the selection of the best founders, who are nurtured over a period of six months. Each startup receives dedicated mentoring and the opportunity to pitch directly to investors at the end of the mentoring period. Some startups that have participated in this incubation program include Tripvisto, Wavoo, and Bornevia.

6. Merah Putih Incubator

The availability of startup incubators in Indonesia is a development initiated by PT Merah Cipta Media, as an incubator designed to support the early-stage development of startups.

As the business conditions become more stable, startups will eventually be released to operate independently. This particular startup also has an investor network ready to invest in startups with significant potential. This startup has incubated 6 local startups, including Lintas Berita, Dailysocial, Info Kost, Adsonit, Bolabob, and KrazyMarket.

7. National Movement of 1000 Digital Startups

The National Movement of 1000 Digital Startups is an incubator program initiated by Kibar and has received direct support from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) since 2016. The goal of this program is to tap into Indonesia’s potential to become the digital energy of Asia by the year 2020, even achieving the target of producing 1000 startups by then.

With the presence of these 1000 companies, the aim is to provide the most appropriate solutions to various issues using digital technology. The program sets a target of initiating 200 startups each year.

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These are some of the startup incubators in Indonesia that are currently operating as programs dedicated to digital development. Each startup has its own vision and mission, aligning with the trajectory of digital-focused ventures.

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